Jin Birthday Projects

Winter Blossoms: A TaeJin​ Project

BTS ARMY donated $200.00 in December 2018 directly to the A New Leaf.

This organization is run out of Oklahoma and provides services for those who are developmentally disabled.

TaeJin 2018 birthday.png

Winter Wellness Month Nationwide TaeJin Cup Sleeve Event

In December, we gave away free TaeJin cup sleeves in cafes all across the US. Each cup sleeve include contact information for local mental wellness resources. 

  • NYC

  • Denver

  • Sacramento

  • Atlanta

  • St Louis, MO

  • Boston

  • Chicago


Jin has made it known that he enjoys playing video games during his down time. We raised funds in Jin’s name by playing or streaming games through Extra Life.

Regional donated funds went to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital of choice.

BTSx50States raised money for Children's National of Washington,DC.

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