October was a ghoulishly good time for the Mid-Atlantic, BTSxMidAtl (formerly MidxATL), Region as it held its 1st annual pumpkin carving contest! The event was aptly named “Beyond the Spooky”, playing off the BTS acronym to give it some flare.
Followers on Twitter were given the task to carve or decorate a pumpkin however they wanted as long as it had a BTS or BT21 theme (i.e.: member related, album related, song related, etc). Participants had a week and a half to submit their pumpkin before the entry period ended and judging began! Once submitted, submissions were posted and were judged by the most tweets and retweets combined.
Overall, Mid-Atlantic had 7 submissions ranging from themes of BT21 to vampire versions of the BTS members. During the week of voting, in total, they entries gained close to 3,000 votes via retweets and likes.
Two winners were chosen and the entry with the highest total received their pick of a BT21 Halloween plushie with other goodies and the 2nd highest total received a BT21 Halloween plushie and BT21 notebook.
Want to see the winners as well as our other spooky entries? Check them out below!

Halloween 2018

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