All good recruits know there is a proper form of addressing others in the ARMY. Knowing how to talk to others appropriately is vital. 

As BTS’ beloved ARMY, we have the power to help or hurt them with our behavior. The Flower Path for BTS is a set of guidelines to encourage ARMY to be those who lay flowers on the road for Bangtan. We should make their path easy, honorable, and beautiful. We should implement a code of conduct for ourselves that is similar to how they behave with everyone no matter how recognized, known, or famous that person is or not. Let’s help them as much as we can by being positive and by turning every opportunity into one that is fruitful and long lasting, and that invites others into their world.

Full credit to @FlowerPath4BTS.



Click Clack to the Bang! Dealing with Antis, Haters, Fanwars

While recognizing that ARMY has a duty to defend BTS from defamation, going about it in a productive manner is key. Negative engagement with antis, haters, and other fandoms can fuel the fire, and it’s possible you might not escape the fire unscathed. Thus, knowing when to cut off the convo can help you live a brighter life.  Don't fight violence with violence. Block and report if you must. Send them the Cyphers or just step away and enjoy BTS Vlives (as they will surely cheer you up!). Remember, you can’t force people to like what you love and you’ve gotta respect that! The best thing you can do is eliminate that sort of negativity and focus on loving yourself and BTS. Plus, never forget that you’ve got a whole ARMY at your back who’s always willing to be there and share your love of BTS!





Do Away with the "We are being used!" Mentality

If you are in marketing, business, communications, be honest any kind of professional field (we know how diverse the ARMY is) , you will understand the power of relationship-building. Relationship-building differs slightly from networking in that relationship-building establishes a bond that will last longer than one based on business. The person behind the screen, no matter who, is human also. Like you. Like me. So treat people how you want to be treated without assuming their circumstances. In keeping that in mind, building relationships allows you to make connections which can be beneficial in your personal, academic or professional career.  It's not about the media, celebrities, DJ's, or YouTubers using BTS and ARMY for fame, but rather, about ARMY acting as a bridge for BTS as we connect more and more people together through our fandom as it continues to grow. As more connections are made, the bridges link us all. Do not be surprised that others, even famous people, cross over and join us. They can easily see what we all see in BTS. Having the “used” mentality will not only upset you, but also the people who are connecting with BTS and ARMY. BTS has a lot of people in their corner. As a part of that, we should show our respect for BTS by trusting BTS and their decisions. Moreover, ARMY represents BTS on the international stage. So we need to keep that in mind as we extend respect to those whom BTS trusts. Our ill-conceived words and reactions can actually harm BTS's reputation. We don't want that. Like our beloved BTS, humility is in our DNA, too.






The Behind the Scenes of Radio Connection


Part of our work in the U.S. is requesting songs and connecting with radio stations, not only because radio airplay is part of the Billboard Hot100 formula, but also because ARMYs genuinely want to hear BTS on their local radios. Billboard Hot 100 is an ongoing mission. It takes weeks, sometimes even months for a song to chart. It took California ARMYs three months of requesting for the first San Francisco station to play BTS, and it took our team five months to get BTS’s music on over 170 stations during the nationally syndicated show Most Requested Live. Request radio play is something that needs to be done consistently. We understand and know that it's hard work. But like BTS, we are dreamers, too. Anything worth achieving will take blood, sweat, and tears for a dream to become a reality. And, as ARMY, we know that "Teamwork makes the dream work."


As such, in requesting radio stations, politeness and patience go a long way. You can be hip and fun, even edgy, but do not insult or whine or accuse anyone of using BTS. If they want you to jump through hoops, play games, vote for BTS on their polls, etc., do it because you genuinely want to hear them on the radio (in exceptional cases, should ARMY be unfairly mistreated, we will take appropriate actions in ARMY’s defense). The fact is that some stations and DJs are friendly, while others may not be what you expected. Some DJs battled with their managers for our sakes, some told us through phone that they would lose their job if they accept our request. We are not in the position to speculate their circumstances. What we can do, however, is prove ourselves through consistency and extend our patience to them. Keep at it ARMYs, you are doing well.



Special Note 
The journey is difficult, but always remember:


You Never Walk Alone


Love Myself, Love Yourself

ARMY represents BTS, no matter where you are.

Please keep in mind that whatever actions ARMY takes is reflected on how BTS is viewed. 

Just as they are our happiness, please be theirs too.

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