Rate The Music

What is Rate the Music?

Rate the Music is a survey that lets fans rate a variety of songs on radio. As such, fans have the chance to influence radio programmers and labels in decision-makings. 

"RateTheMusic is the leading website giving music fans the chance to let their opinions be heard regarding a variety of music styles. Your opinions are seen by radio programmers and record company decision-makers around the world, and you can have a real influence on the music played on radio (terrestrial, satellite, and Internet) and purchased online and in stores. Your feedback helps determine artists' careers.

RateTheMusic is FREE. Your opinions are always presented anonymously - we respect your privacy. Your information will never be shared with or sold to any third party."

How to participate: 

Visit www.ratethemusic.com and create an account. 

  • You are required to sign up in order to fill out the surveys. 

  • Once you have an account, you may be invited to participate in weekly surveys.  

  • You will be asked to rate around 20~30 songs that are currently popular on radio.

  • You can choose "No" when asked if you are familiar with the song to make the process faster.

  • Continue clicking "Next" to find BTS's tracks, and give positive ratings to them.


Sometimes BTS will not appear on the survey, but they may appear on the next one. Per BTS's famous tweet, we are going to "KEEP STRUGGLIN'."

That's it for the survey! Remember that you should fill these surveys weekly. 

Need more guidance? Here's a video tutorial:

RateTheMusic Tutorial

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