Twitter Requests

​Follow @BTSx50States and your regional accounts for up-to-date request information. We keep up with radio news and requests. Please, join us!


  • Retweets and Likes don't count. We encourage you to send in your own request

  • There are two types of tweets you can do:

    • Reply tweet: Reply when the station is open for request! Normally, there are countdown periods such as #Hit5at5, #Hot5at5, #Top6at6, #Trending8at8, etc., when stations will be looking for the most requested songs. There is power in numbers! 

    • Direct tweet: If the station doesn't have a countdown or #CommercialFree periods, you can always directly tweet at them! Tag the station and ask if they know BTS. Networking is vital!

  • What to tweet? Check out this sample!

  • Like in the sample above, we encourage you to tell DJs

       where you come from to show local, national,

       and international interests. 

  • GIFs and pics are eye-catching to get casual looker's interests.

       Let others know who we are advocating for!

  • Sometimes stations will post polls to test engagement. Vote! One tap can make a difference in getting BTS' music play on the radio!

  • Patience. Patience. Patience. It may not happen on the first try, second, or even on the tenth try! But we will keep requesting.

  • You can create keyboard shortcuts or draft requests beforehand if you are busy. Vary your responses so we won't be considered "bots." However, beware of over-spamming. 

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