When BTS is Played

When a station is playing BTS's tracks, there are 4 things you should do:

1. TUNE IN: ​

  • The best way to show support is to tune in to the station no matter where you are. If you are a local, tune in through car radios. If you are not local (i.e. in a different region), tune in through the station's website or iHeartRadio app (if the station is under iHeart). Tune in and record the promoted track being played, preferably with your reactions. Remember not to monitor while driving! Tweet out your thanks to DJs only when you have stopped your car. Upload your recording on Twitter and tag @BTSx50States. We'll spread it.


  • "Thumbs up" refers to liking a song that was played on the radio. Thumbs up demonstrates song demand, and thus we encourage you to do so if you are tuning in through the website or app.  ​

  • This option is available only on the station's website or app. When BTS's song is played, make sure you tap!


  • Shazam is a mobile app that identifies the songs it hears. Radio stations use Shazam numbers to determine a song's popularity in the state/local areas. If you don't have Shazam, download it now!​

  • How to Shazam:

  1. Download and open the app

  2. Play BTS's promoted track on your phone or computer, either on the same device or a different one as long as Shazam can hear it. [Tip: you can plug in your headphone and loop it so that the earpiece is next to the mic while the song is playing]

  3. Tap the Shazam button and wait for it to recognize the track

  4. Every time the app recognizes a song is called a Shazam. Only one Shazam per hour counts. However, you can bypass this limit by clearing data. Go here for further instructions.


  • After you have listened to the radio, show your gratitude by thanking DJs on Twitter. Every play is a milestone for us, because for us, who have worked hard pushing for BTS to play on the radio, the feeling of listening to BTS on the radio is drastically different from listening to them on Youtube. We can't take these plays for granted.

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