Shazam is a mobile app owned by Apple that identifies the songs it hears.


Shazaming, however, is not considered as streaming. Shazam sends its data to radio stations for them to determine a song's popularity in the state/local areas.


Therefore, if you want your station to play BTS's promoted track, consider turning on your actual location to let them know you are here!


If you don't have Shazam, download the app below:



OS (Mac)

How to Shazam

  1. Download and open the app

  2. Play BTS's promoted on your phone or computer, either on the same device or a different one as long as Shazam can hear it. [Tip: you can plug in your headphone and loop it so that the earpiece is next to the mic while the song is playing]

  3. Tap the Shazam button and wait for it to recognize the song

  4. Using Android devices, you can Shazam the same song as many times as you want, if you always CLEAR DATA after EVERY Shazam. See tutorials below.

  5. If you do not CLEAR DATA, your Shazams on the same song will only be counted once per 24 hours.

  6. APPLE PRODUCT UPDATE - There have been recent changes to Shazam on Apple Products and it appears that clearing data no longer works and that only one Shazam per song - per day - per Apple device will count.

Questions? Refer to our FAQs below, or message  @BTSx50States or @BTSonShazam for help.

Clearing Data on an Android Tutorial



What is Shazam?

A music-discovery app in which the user records the portion of the song, and the app identifies the song; that process is known as a Shazam. A high number of Shazams indicate that the song is popular and well-liked because many people are curious to know it. It is not a streaming app.

Why is Shazam so important for BTS and ARMY?

Radio stations use the value of the Shazam count to determine the popularity of a song, in deciding whether or not they want to play it on their station. This information is verified by Bryan Herz from Shazam. Radio play is a requirement for Billboard Hot 100. Shazam is a component of Songkick, which has a tool called Tourbox that tour managers of artists use to determine where to hold concerts. BTS is verified on both Shazam and Songkick. If you Shazam a lot, BTS could be more likely to hold a concert near you, and it could increase the chances that your local radio stations will play that BTS song.

Will Shazam help BTS on radio regardless of what country I’m from?

Yes. USA radio stations have access to data for both national and worldwide Shazams. Furthermore, radio stations all over the world consider Shazam data before playing a song, and some even play countdowns of songs from Shazam charts.

Do many people use Shazam?

The app has been downloaded by people 1 billion times. In a 2016 Forbes article, it is said that Shazam is used 20 million times worldwide, daily.

How do I make MULTIPLE Shazams count in a row?

You must clear your data after every Shazam. Android users can do this from the phone settings. iOS/iPhone users must log in with Facebook or email, and then log out to ‘Remove’ Shazams. For the process to work continuously, Shazam only when you are not logged in. The Shazam is then counted after you log in. For screenshot tutorials, please scroll up. Clearing data is different in Android and iPhone, so check to make sure you are following the steps correctly.

What do I do if it stops letting me log out on iOS/iPhone?

This can happen if you Shazam too many times in a row very quickly and will no longer count if you can’t log out. You must uninstall and reinstall the app.

I’m clearing my data after every Shazam, but the number is not changing. What should I do?

The number on the app can freeze, but will catch up later, much like YouTube views. Your Shazams will continue to count as long as you are clearing your data or waiting 1 hour in between Shazams.

I followed your directions for clearing data, but my Shazam history reappears when I log back in. Are my Shazams still counting?

Yes. On some versions of the Shazam app, the history does show up again, but as long you are still following the correct steps from the tutorial, your Shazams will still count.

Can I Shazam two or more different songs in a row?

Yes, for example you can Shazam Mic Drop Remix, then the comeback song, and THEN do the steps to clear data and they will both count.

How often should I Shazam?

Whenever you can. The more Shazams that accumulate for a song, the better. You can follow @BTSonShazam to engage in flash Shazam parties where ARMY can Shazam together, simultaneously. When BTS make their comeback, Shazam the title track immediately, as much as you can, and whenever you can. It is important that the song gains Shazams quickly so that it can be added to many radio stations for Hot 100.

Can I Shazam continuously through Snapchat, Siri, or by Auto-Shazaming?

Through these methods, only 1 Shazam will be counted per hour. We currently have no evidence showing that it will count more than once.

Should I use VPN to Shazam if I am not in the US?

No. The use of VPN will endanger the validity of the Shazams. Please turn on your real location to make your Shazams count locally. Using your real location will also help get BTS on the radio in your country.

More questions?

Visit our partner @BTSonShazam's FAQs here.

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