Apple Music

Apple Music


  • Mobile Apps

  • Computer Apps

    • iTunes - on ​Windows Devices

    • Apple Music - Pre-installed on Macs and Macbooks


  • Manually search up the song in Apple Music and play. Create a playlist so you can play on repeat.

  • If you purchased the title track or the album on iTunes, the system automatically downloads the songs into your phone. Playing these downloaded songs will not count toward charting, as it is the equivalent of playing CDs. Remember: streaming means playing songs on repeat on the Internet.

  • What you need to do is to remove the downloaded track and delete from your library on your phone. Removing/deleting the downloaded track that you purchased will not make it disappear, you can always re-download it!

  • Check out our tutorials below for preventing your phone from automatically downloading songs; deleting existing downloads; and creating playlists!

Reminder: Streaming data are tracked from Friday to Thursday. Playing downloaded tracks is the equivalent of playing CDs you have already purchased and, as such, it does not count as streaming. Therefore, make sure you continuously stream a song or album while connecting to the Internet. All streaming platforms have their own rules for counting streams. Be sure you know the differences.

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