Who We Are

BTSx50States is a promotional BTS ( 방탄소년단)  fanbase run entirely by volunteer ARMYs in order to promote BTS across the United States. 


Founded in 2017, our team started out as a twitter group chat of ARMY who wanted to help promote BTS here in the US and get them played on the radio. We quickly expanded our team in order to better promote and support BTS and ARMY initiatives and activities across the country. 



As a US BTS fanbase, we aim to be one of US ARMYs sources for BTS news and content while providing them with insight and guidance on how to help support BTS' success here in the US. Our organization is broken into 12 regions, each covering a specific area or state in order to best connect with local ARMY and continue growing our grassroots efforts to help BTS here in the US. 

BTSx50States Region Map.png

Our methods for promoting BTS are numerous: radio plays, meet-ups, promotional billboards, partnerships with local businesses and other BTS fanbases, and most importantly working with ARMY. While we are focused on helping BTS, we also strive to help create a larger, connected community of ARMY here in the US so that ARMY can have a space to bond, celebrate BTS and each other, and be inspired to walk the flower path and love/speak yourself.



Since our inception, BTSx50States has had over 50 admins who help support our organization, run our website, and manage our various SNS accounts across our 12 regions. Our team is a diverse group of individuals, all of different cultures, age, gender, ethnicity, and professional backgrounds, brought together by our shared love of BTS and ARMY and our desire to help BTS and our fandom grow here in the United States.

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To promote BTS across the United States.


  • Get BTS on the Billboard Hot 100 and Billboard 200 charts as well as any other major U.S. Charts (Rolling Stone charts, etc).

  • Get BTS played on U.S. Radio Stations.

  • Educate BTS’ fanbase (also known as “ARMY”) on how to promote BTS in the U.S. via: 

    • Radio requesting

    • Streaming BTS’ music

    • Purchasing BTS’ music

    • Shazaming

    • Voting for BTS on radio countdowns and award shows

  • Create a larger community of ARMY in the U.S.

  • Collaborate with partners whose goals align with ours

  • Promote official BTS charity projects

  • Organize charity and other projects to support BTS, ARMY, and other U.S. charities. 

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